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Advisory Services

We offer creative and practical solutions to business and management issues. Whether you desire a new or expanding venture, capital acquisition or short to long-term profitability, our consultation team will help you find a solution.

Specific Issue Consultation 
We provide opportunities for clients to brainstorm with our Team about a variety of issues that might be affecting the growth and profitability of a business. Examples may be:
•    Contractor versus employee factors
•    Election of s-corporation status
•    "How do I handle?" accounting and system questions
•    Buy versus Lease
•    Sell or rent property
Simple urgent questions that can be vetted with an experienced professional via teleconference or office conference.

Small Business Management
We also offer essential services to the operational side of a small business as follows;

  • BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING functions involving bank account and credit card reconciliations, debt servicing, bank overdraft and interest charge reconciliation, etc.

  • FINANCE functions including Line of Credit applications and renewals, cash-flow management, funds transfers, Forex sourcing, and budgeting.

  • MANAGEMENT functions including collection processes and implementation, trouble-shooting irregular or over charges, analysing the growth process, formation of company policies and strategies.  

  • INTERNAL REPORTING functions including financial statements analysis, cash position reports, budget to actual reports, financial projections, cash-flow projections, Job and Project costing reports, etc.

  • AGENCY REPORTING functions including Sales and Use Tax Returns, Business Personal Property Tax Returns, Business License applications or renewals, amended or appealed returns

Good financial management starts with a computerized system that encompasses a traditional general ledger accounting system with relevant financial management functions. As such, we have selected Small Business Solutions or software that helps implement the business process successfully. 

Business Consulting Services

At Ashflex, we help organisations improve performance and efficiency by analysing and creating business solutions that helps you grow or meet your goals. Our clients choose us because;
•    we are experts in what we do
•    we identify potential problems and proffer solutions
•    we provide objective analysis of the potential problems
•    we can revive organisations and stop them from liquidating 
•    we create new businesses and can influence other people, like lobbyists

how we can help!
First, we take the time to learn as much as possible about your business from you and your employees, which might include touring the facility, meeting the board of directors (for companies) and employees, analysing the financials and reading all company materials - the objective is to uncover your company’s mission, and what operations are in place 

Second, once an in-depth understanding has been developed, we then identify where change is needed. This includes identifying your company's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis), including current and foreseeable problems. Because we are objective in our analysis, we see both problems already seen and that not yet seen by the owners or management.  

Finally, we provide solutions to problems and plans that capitalizes on opportunities. For example, a company may have a particularly strong operation’s but weak sales or marketing team; this is an opportunity for the company to increase sales and marketing resources and capitalize on the operation’s staff. 

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Key Success Factors


  • Our consultants are professionals who seek to assist small businesses in reaching their goals in terms of being successful.


  • We focus attention on problem areas that you, the owner, may not have previously seen.


  • We evaluate every aspect of the business including such areas as the accounting and marketing process.


  • Our background and experience in small business administration sets us apart from competition.


  • We are very well versed in business models related to a wide range of industries