IT Solutions for Schools

At Ashflex, we understand that every academic institution is unique and has a divergent set of requirements and challenges that they face each day. We can help schools, colleges and universities to overcome and conquer these issues. By consistently having a reliable ICT infrastructure, your organisation can successfully integrate IT across the curriculum, inspire teaching staff with confidence in technology and raise productivity by streamlining IT and communication processes.


We recognise that the educational sector has different demands with a continuous drive to reduce overhead costs. We can help you to select the most appropriate IT solutions and services as well as highlight new emerging technologies developed specifically for the academic market.

IT Solutions for SMEs

In business management, you’re required to take care of multiple processes simultaneously, from managing your books of account, taking care of your inventory, record exceptions, compute taxation, manage bank transactions (including bank reconciliation), carry out payroll process, budget planning, to managing your customers and clients, and more. To do all this efficiently you need a complete and flexible software that adapts to your business requirement, exactly the way you want it. We offer software (from our partner companies) that will help power your business with technology that you need and help you run your business with ease.


No matter what the size of your business is or to which industry it belongs, Accounting and Finance are crucial to its functioning. With this software, you can accurately plan your purchases, manage your working capital and hence improve cash flow for your business.  It allows you to keep a check on expenditures, handle exceptions in business processes as well as manage your finances in a better way. 

Financial Solutions

Now you’ve created a successful business. The tough part is developing the right financial strategies to protect what you’ve built and to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy yourself along the way and at retirement. Even harder is knowing what the right strategies for you and your unique goals are.

That’s where we come in. We can help you structure a financial plan that gives you the peace of mind and feeling of accomplishment that you crave for. To do this, we have to first understand you and where you want to take yourself and your business to in the near future.

Then, we help you discover the key strategies used to minimize your taxes, protect your business and your loved ones from threats and find out where you may not be leveraging the greatest asset you will ever own - YOUR BUSINESS, to provide maximum benefits for you now and in the future.

Together we will design A Plan that layout a step-by-step process that will help you get what most business owners are not aware of: The power of a comprehensive financial strategy. We have worked with high income and high net worth business owners for many years to develop this process so you can focus on what’s important to you – which is, running your business and spending time doing what you love with the people you care about.

Marketing Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your business requires marketing that which is on point in terms of the target market. The method you use to reach your customers and the message it conveys to convince them to purchase your product or service should be unequivocal.


We provide Marketing Solutions that will help move your business forward and develope marketing strategies that can be cleverly executed with significant impact on your business, just as advertising and marketing materials.


No matter what the project is – logo design, strategic or business plan, company or product brochure, product launch or public relations campaign – we follow the same proven process of defining opportunities, quantifying goals and choosing the optimal media mix for reaching target markets. Based on this strategic platform, we craft messages, produce materials and implement the tactics to achieve the desired results.


Whether your business is a start-up requiring hands-on marketing talent, or an established company not delivering on your brand’s promise, we have the marketing solution for you. Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting

We work with clients to help them meet their marketing objectives, and have developed sophisticated analytical and planning capabilities, with a solid track record in providing:

  • Business plans

  • Marketing communications plans

  • Market/competitor analyses

  • Product feasibility studies

  • Financial modelling

  • Distribution channel analyses

  • Program effectiveness evaluations

Retail Solutions

As the retail market in Nigeria is growing faster than some other sectors, it is important therefore to optimise the Systems for Integrated Management Process clubbed with a detailed view of the inventory throughout the operational chain. Fluctuations in demand, speed of replenishment, effective movement of goods from the warehouse/distribution centre to their respective destinations within and across stores, are also critical pieces of information that should be made available to the decision makers in the quickest possible time


So, for a centralized control that enables you take decisions fast, and an end-to-end solution that gives you a real time view of your operations, our retail technology that get every aspect of your IT needs under one roof. Our successful retail clients chose retail solutions that helps them to manage their retail operations like Loyalty Management, Promotions, Inventory Management, Inventory Planning, Business Intelligence, integration with good backend solution apart from having a great Point of Sale and Store Management.  Our Retail Applications help existing small and large retailers become more efficient and profitable.  

(Security Awareness Training)

Security Solutions 

In every organisation, the people, information, operations, and systems are assets critical to its survival. Protecting the safety, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these assets is essential to maintaining profitability, compliance, public images, and a competitive edge. Organisations face threats to their employees, system, operations and information on a daily basis. These threats include computer viruses, network attacks, fraud, industrial espionage, and even natural disasters.

Also, the monitoring and controlling of industrial processes, including those that help to manage and support the critical operations of each asset in the petroleum fuels, natural gas, electric power, telecommunications, transportation, water, emergency service, computer systems, air handling system, fire system, have also fallen victims of criminal hacking. More and more people and organisations are increasingly relying on the internet for fast and easier communication and for online purchase of goods and services. Transacting business and paying for bills are one of the benefits that people enjoy conveniently, which unfortunately has also become targets of attack by hackers.


Security Awareness Training is a Vital Defence Tool to checkmate these threats. Technological solutions, security policies, and operational procedures alone cannot protect system users from the various network security issues. User awareness by way of training has what it takes to raise consciousness of critical security awareness issues.


Ashflex Resources Consult Ltd, in partnership with Acts Resources Ltd provides Cyber Crime Prevention and Security Awareness training to help organisations avoid the devastating consequences of security breach rampant in the ICT ecosystem. This training (seminar or workshop) is aimed at creating awareness amongst employees and employers by providing vital defence tools to safeguard against cyber and other criminal attacks in the face of challenges besetting data and information management. 

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